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“It worked! I got into Harvard, and also the three other schools I applied to.”

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“Took me about an hour to learn the formula this course teaches. I got accepted! I am in tears now.”

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“It did not just transform my admission essay. It changed my LIFE. Thank you so much!”

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Harvard graduates show you the "Acceptance Triggers" which must be in your application essay to get you accepted to the colleges of your choice.


The Step-by-Step Success Guide takes you through the entire process of completing your inspiring, compelling and unforgettable application essay.


The included "Perfector" app empowers you to get your essay done quickly. Some students finished their successful application essays in just an hour.


How did you get accepted to Harvard?

There are 3 crucial "Acceptance Triggers" which all successful applicants place in their application essays...

Like you, we had to compete with 30,000 other applicants whose achievement profiles were comparable to ours. The application essay was the only thing that could make the difference between our getting accepted or rejected.

The greatest danger we faced was that our essay would be quickly glanced over, then forgotten, by the admissions officials. If that happens, we simply won't get in.

We came to realize that all successful applicants place 3 crucial "Acceptance Triggers" in their application essay, and use a simple, easy-to-learn formula to make their essays inspiring, compelling and unforgettable.

This is the way we all got accepted to highly competitive schools.

The 3 crucial Acceptance Triggers compel admissions officials to make it their mission to get a particular applicant accepted, while rejecting others that might well have greater academic or extracurricular achievements.

Contrary to common misconceptions, these triggers have little to do with the awards and medals which you might have (or lack). Instead, they are the specific personal qualities that inspire admissions officials to take decisive and impassioned action on the applicant's behalf.

Such qualities are latent within every student who has the drive to succeed, but they must be demonstrated right there and then in the application essay itself. Few students know what these qualities even are, much less how to unleash and present them powerfully in their application essays.

This is why you read in the news that some applicants get rejected despite their perfect grades and SAT/ACT scores. And yet, many others who don't have such credentials somehow get accepted to colleges like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, etc.

Most students never realize that the Acceptance Triggers in the application essay ultimately determine whether they get accepted or rejected, so they never took the time to learn about them.

In the Successful Application Essay course, students will learn to present powerfully the 3 crucial Acceptance Triggers. Then, the Step-by-Step Success Guide will take you through the entire process of completing your inspiring, compelling and unforgettable application essay.

You can watch a thousand times how people hit a 300 yard golf ball effortlessly, or how a heart-wrenching storyteller moves you to tears. The "secret" remains a secret until someone shows you how exactly to do the same yourself.

Also, the popular books on admission essays are all good in their own way. They will help you become a better writer. However, the reality is that many amazing writers get rejected by the colleges of their choice, while those who don't have their ability ironically end up at top colleges.

The Successful Application Essay course shows you precisely the 3 Acceptance Triggers that all successful applicants use to get accepted to the colleges of their choice. You will benefit from knowing for sure what has worked for everyone else, instead of wondering where your essay might end up taking you.

Yes. Using what you will learn in this course, your response to any of the Commom App essay prompts, and UC Personal Insight Questions, will have the 3 crucial Acceptance Triggers which admissions officials look for, and stand out as inspiring, compelling and unforgettable.

You can learn at your own pace, and access this course from any computer, Android tablets and phones, iPads and iPhones, and other devices that have web browsers. Once you enroll, you have instant unlimited access to the course for one full year.

Students with limited writing ability have successfully used the skills taught in this course, and got into colleges like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia. For some of them, English is not even their native language.

So long as you can write simple sentences, this course can help you get into colleges of your choice.

Yes. This course teaches skills that are useful for a lifetime. Among what you will learn is the formula for creating inspiring narratives "on demand". This is one of the most treasured assets you can have, whether as a student in college or graduate school, or as a working professional. You will always need it for any writing, presentation or inter-personal communication.

Those who regularly use the skills taught in this course include Harvard graduates who work as entrepreneurs, executives, educators, lawyers and other professionals.

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